Is Ohio the Heart of Darkness?

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Dear UCubed Leaders & Activists:New unemployment numbers mark, yet again, a poor performance by our nation’s leaders in addressing the current jobs crisis.In recent weeks, the battle to “correct” our country’s economic slump has taken center stage in the states, as state governors and legislatures propose a slew of budget cuts. And their key targets: middle-class families and the unemployed.

Take for instance the atrocity we witnessed this week in Ohio, where once the license plates declared the state as “The Heart of It All.” These days, Ohio has become the “Heart of Darkness.”

Republican Governor John Kasich along with GOP lawmakers in Ohio rammed through Senate Bill 5, a measure to reduce collective bargaining rights for Ohio public workers. At the same time the state is considering temporarily freezing the maximum amount of unemployment benefits for the jobless.

Gov. Kasich’s answer to shoring up the state’s $8 billion budget shortfall: deny working families and the jobless their fair wages, pensions and sole source of income in this Grave Recession.

It’s the wrong answer.

Ohio has 567,000 “official” unemployed. That translates into $23 billion in lost income and an estimated $3.3 billion in lost revenue from sales and income taxes. It also means higher expenses for unemployment benefits and Medicaid, estimated to be around $2 billion. That’s $5.3 billion out of an $8 billion deficit — even before we deal with the real number of jobless.

The solution, instead, should be: put Americans back to work.

Putting ONE person back to work would mean a gain of $3,300 in sales and income taxes (based on an average annual wage of $40,000), and a savings of over $21,000 in unemployment benefits and Medicaid costs.

Multiply that by 567,000 jobless Ohioans… well, to each of them, EVERY job is priceless!

How do you put Americans back to work?

A 25 percent surtax on high-income Americans would generate $248 BILLION – more than enough for a 21st century Works Progress Administration (WPA) jobs program that would put millions of jobless Americans back to work immediately.

The hyper-rich, the top 1 in 1,000 households, claim as much of our national wealth as the bottom 800 out of 1,000 households. The same households rake in $1 TRILLION a year, including capital gains. In fact in the last 40 years, their share of national income grew from 2.7 to 12.3 percent. Their average income went from $4 million to $35 million. It’s time the hyper-rich pay their fair share!

If you agree, click here to demand a 25 percent surtax on the hyper-rich in order to fund a WPA-style jobs program.

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In Unity — Strength,

Rick Sloan
Executive Director
Ur Union of Unemployed

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