Jim Sinclair Says Vote YES to Scrap the HST

I’m Jim Sinclair, President of the B.C. Federation of Labour. HST ballots have started arriving, and I wanted to send a personal message to working people and their families that we need to stand together and vote YES to SCRAP the HST.

Today, we released a simple and clear video: Stickman Explains the HST Honestly

I encourage you to watch the video and share it as widely as possible.

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 From day one, the BC Liberal government has lied about everything about this regressive tax shift. Since becoming Premier, Ms. Clark has spent millions of public dollars on a partisan advertising campaign that repeats BC Liberal lies about the HST. I’m tired of her lies and very concerned about the future of our province for working families. We need to vote YES to scrap the HST.

• We need to vote YES so that essential items like childrens’ clothing, safety products, veterinary bills, and home repairs don’t have hundreds of dollars of new taxes – more than $1,000 a year in new taxes for an average family.

• We need to vote YES so that big corporations don’t walk away with an extra $2 billion every year, at your expense.

• We need to vote YES so that our public services like health care and education aren’t left with a $1 billion shortfall.

• We need to vote YES so our elected representatives learn that they can’t lie to voters and get away with it.

Between now and July 22, we have a very important job to do. Today, I am asking you to do a few simple things to ensure we succeed.

1. Visit http://hstinbcfacts.ca and sign the Yes to Scrap the HST Pledge

2. Share this email with your colleagues and friends, and encourage them to visit http://hstinbcfacts.ca for the real facts about the HST.

3. Organize a “bring your ballot to work day”.

Let’s work together and defeat this regressive tax shift. Let’s vote YES to scrap the HST.

Jim Sinclair,
BC Federation of Labour

 p.s. Our parody ad campaign, taking on the stick men, has everyone talking. You can see the videos at http://www.youtube.com/hstinbcfacts

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