Members at Geo Tech Industries OK Three Year Agreement


Fabricator Val Alatiit

Geo Tech is a fabrication and machine shop specialising in stainless steel and large fabrications. Located across the road from the Crofton pulp mill, 60% of Geo Tech’s work is in the field. The shop fabricates assemblies that are installed throughout British Columbia. The crews also go to Cube each year to work on major industrial projects.

This is a COLA shop. Wage increases automatically follow the Consumer Price Index. After twenty years of near parity with our other shops in the area, due to low inflation over the last couple of years, wages have lagged a little behind. The employer agreed to a wage adjustment of 2% at the beginning of the Collective Agreement to partially close the gap. The company position was to continue with the uncapped COLA as both sides take an equal risk, the employees during low inflation and the employer during high inflation. In the end, the Members decided not to try to change the compensation system and will continue with the COLA system.

Beside the immediate 2% increase, the new Agreement contained the following improvements:

  • Provision for four day ten-hour work week for shop and field employees
  • Vision care benefit providing eye glasses and frames replacement for employees and insured family members once every two years to a maximum of $300.00
  • Company will pay up to $200.00 every two years toward Prescription Safety Glasses for employees from the OVP Plan
  • A maximum of 80 overtime hours can be banked per year
  • All unused banked hours will be paid out on the last paycheck of the year
  • $20.00 meal allowance paid to employees who work a 12 hour shift or greater
  • Travel Pay will now be indexed
  • Living Out Allowance increased to $60.00/day plus accommodation or $100.00/day without accommodation
  • Family Day added to Statutory holidays
  • Field Worker Letter Of Understanding
    • Wage Table: Rate of Pay = shop rate + 5.5 per cent
    • Holiday and Vacation Pay: 12 per cent on paycheck, up from 8.4%
    • Health and Welfare payment raised by $0.47 / hour to $2.16 per hour
    • Employer contribution of 10% Retirement savings to be paid on each cheque
Corey Croghan charge hand sm

Machinist and Charge Hand Corey Croghan

The Members have been busy over the last three years and, with this new Agreement, look forward to three more.

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Members at Berk’s Intertruck (Nanaimo) Accept Agreement With Improved Health and Welfare Provisions.

Berk’s Intertruck in Nanaimo is always bustling, keeping two shift of mechanics busy repairing trucks, trailers, buses and motorhomes. The Members have OK’d a new three year agreement which emphasised improvements to the Health and Welfare coverage.berks2

The wage increases were modest at one percent a year over the three year term with Employer retirement saving contribution increasing to $225 a month in 2014 and $250 in 2015. mechanics holding a Class 1 drivers license receive an extra $0.50 per hour. Shift premiums increase to $1.00 per hour for afternoon shift and $1.25 on graveyards. family Day was added to the Statutory Holidays. Mileage for use of personal vehicle for Company business was increased to the Revenue Canada standard of $0.54 per kilometre. Parts Persons now receive $90 per week to carry a Company phone for after hours service.

This agreement also improved other benefits. Long term disability is introduced for the first time, an essential coverage for mechanics. Short term disability increases to the EI max + $100. Major dental work is now covered 75%. Vision care saw an overhaul. Not only do members and their dependant now receive $300 every two years towards glasses but the Members’ safety glasses will be covered under the OVP discount plan that supplies single vision glasses for a mere $150 and progressives for $275 to the tune of $200 every two years. The boot allowance increase by $50 to $150 per year.

Rounding out the agreement is a Trades Retention provision of a $1,000 tool grant for Apprentices who stay one year after earning their ticket.berks1

The Agreement gives balanced improvements to a range of areas and keeps the Company competitive and the Members busy going forward.

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Workers at Duncan Ironworks Vote 100% for a New Three Year Agreement

scottSometimes bargaining goes sideways and sometimes it goes well. The new three year Agreement at Duncan Iron Works (DIW) falls into the latter category due to the Solidarity of this long time Union shop and the recognition of our Members skills by the Employer.greg

After a few productive bargaining sessions, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed and at the Contract Ratification meeting the new terms were accepted unanimously.

DIW1DIW has been prospering over the last three years and management decided to share some of the gains with the workforce. An on-going relationship with BC Hydro, combined with successful bidding on fabrication jobs has kept the shop on solid footing. The machine shop has been less busy but has found work for the four in the department.danny

Family Day is included in the new agreement and combined with a 2% first year increase gives a solid 2.4% increase in the first year. The following two years attract a 2.5% increase. Improvements in the Health and Welfare provisions add more value. The Dental plan will now cover 100% of minor and major work to a per person maximum of $2,000 per annum, increasing to $2,500 in 2015. Boot allowance now stands at $225.ryan

The Company agreed to pay a Lead Hand (4% premium) on any shift or a Charge Hand (7% premium) for shifts more than four people.

Both the Company and Union are pleased with the way this round of bargaining went and look forward to more good years.mike

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Stay Rock Solid!

Brother Stan gives the Directing Business Representative report at a DL250 meeting

Brother Stan gives the Directing Business Representative report at a DL250 meeting

Sisters and Brothers:

Many of you may be aware I have accepted the position as the Chief of Staff to IAMAW General Vice President Dave Ritchie in Toronto, replacing the retiring Tommy Lee.

Accordingly, it is, with mixed feelings of anticipation and regret, I announce my leaving District Lodge 250. I am looking forward to many new challenges and opportunities within our great Union, but I leave behind many great friends and allies who have supported me over the past 25 years.

To our officers, staff and membership throughout British Columbia I offer my sincere thanks for your support and solidarity throughout my time with LL692 and DL250. Everything I know about trade unionism and the fight for working families I have learned from you. Each member whom I have had contact with furthered my education and growth as a Business Representative and as your DBR.

As the elected Directing Business Representative of Machinists Union District 250 in British Columbia, I have worked with our members at all levels of the organization.  I am a trade-unionist with a lifelong interest in workplace rights, labour relations, and bringing a balance of power to workers. I have acted on behalf of workers at the bargaining table and as Lead Counsel in legal hearings.

I proudly vote NDP.

From the time when I was first elected to the position of Shop Steward at Finning (Canada) Ltd., to my most recent election as Business Representative and DBR of District 250, I have had the privilege of representing our membership in virtually every corner of the Province of British Columbia.

I received the support of many people along the way, and I continue to enjoy that support in my day-to-day work. And I know I cannot do this job alone, but together we can achieve anything we desire.

Unions are about people. We are about workers sticking together and standing up for what they believe are their rights. I am proud to be part of the Machinists Union and our Canadian Labour movement. I am proud to make our IAMAW workplaces better and to have so many wonderful opportunities every step along the way.

My new position allows me to work with our Canadian IAMAW membership in a broader scope across the country. I will be learning many new things, and meeting new challenges in this work, and am looking forward to working with our membership from coast to coast. I know in this new capacity, many of our paths will continue to cross as we build upon the work our forbearers began.

I will always remember and appreciate the Rock Solid support I have had from District Lodge 250 and our Union membership right here in British Columbia.

Brother Walter Gerlach will replace me as the Directing Business Representative of District 250 and as our IAMAW representative on the BC Fed Executive Council. Walter is a strong and dedicated Union representative. I have every confidence the District is in good hands.

I know the officers, staff and membership across B.C. will give full support to Walter in this new role, and  together you will continue to build our strong Union in this Province.

stan2smOnce again, I offer my thanks to all of you for many years of support, solidarity, and friendship. I could not have enjoyed the success I have without the Strength and Unity of the membership behind me at every step.

Stay Rock Solid! 

Stan Pickthall,
Directing Business Representative


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Brother Herman Giele Retires After More Than 30 Year With The Machinists


Herman Giele is a Journeyman Fabricator and former Shop Steward for Machinists at Port Machine Works in Port Alberni. He is a long time Member of the Machinist Pension Plan which will provide a reasonable retirement for Herman and his spouse.

Herman put in the majority of his time for Port Machine, coming to Duncan Iron Works after the closing of his former employer. Herman has always stood solidly behind the Machinists. His Brother and Sister at Local Lodge 692 recognized his service with a jacket, presented at Duncan Iron Works by Business Representative Alastair Haythornthwaite.

We all wish Herman the best in this new phase of his life.

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