BC Voters and the IAM Show Confidence in NDP

BC Voters and the IAM Show Confidence in NDP

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28 October, 2020

Burnaby, BC – “British Columbians deserve a stable government that has its eye on the welfare of British Columbians,” said Walter Gerlach, Directing Business Representative of IAM District 250, representing workers across the province. “We congratulate Premier Horgan on his historic victory.”

“Even though it could take some time before the nearly half million mail-in ballots are counted, we look forward to a majority NDP government for the first time since 1996,” he said.

Machinists in BC have a long and strong relationship with the BCNDP and many of our members helped on the election campaign. Political action is a strong force within the IAM, and members saw the importance of a government geared to workers and the common good. The NDP platform connected.

Premier-elect John Horgan and the NDP are projected to win in 55 of B.C.’s 87 ridings, compared to 29 for the Liberals and three for the Green Party.

If the NDP goes off-course, we will hold them to account, but for now, we look forward to the next four years of stability and good government,” said Gerlach. “British Columbians deserve it, and our communities deserve it,” he concluded.

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Walter Gerlach
Directing Business Representative
IAM District 250