General Vice-President David Chartrand Helping to Lead Canadian Government’s Union-Led Advisory Table

 c/o frank  8 December, 2023

IAM Canadian General Vice-President David Chartrand has been installed as a member of a newly-launched advisory board to advise the Canadian government on labour issues.

The Union-Led Advisory Table brings together 14 labour leaders from across Canada with expertise different across sectors to advise the government on the big challenges and opportunities of our time. The council will consider issues like automation, energy transition and supporting skilled workers and sectors.

“I’m honoured to take on this important role on behalf of all IAM members in Canada,” said Chartrand. “I look forward to helping us chart a stable and prosperous path into the future, for Canada and for Canadian workers.”

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Chartrand has been crucial in pushing for the Canadian government to seek direction from workers and unions as the labour terrain changes with technology and automation.

“Unions are the voices of workers,” said Chartrand. “The IAM in Canada has been listening to workers and carrying their message as workplaces continue to change.”

The IAM published a report on the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on the workforce in 2021 titled “Charting Change: Workers’ Voices in an Automated World” that focuses on AI technology and its impact on Canadian jobs.

In 2022, the IAM petitioned the Canadian government to give workers a seat on its Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council.

“We know the shift will require significant investments, in vocational, education and training labour adjustment, as well as a new job creation,” said Canadian Labour Congress President Bea Bruske. “Canada’s unions are ready to do the work and we’re ready to work with government to make sure that no worker across the country is left behind.”

The union advisory table will share its findings and recommendations with the Canadian government in the latter part of 2024.