LL692 members at Leavitt Machinery in British Columbia ratify new Memorandum

C/O frank  29 May, 2024

The Membership of IAM Local 692 working at Leavitt Machinery in BC recently-ratified a new Memorandum of Agreement by an overwhelming margin.

There were numerous gains in benefits, pensions, tool allowance, and wage increases (6% in year 1, 3% in year 2, and 3% in year 3) over the life of the Memorandum. The largest gain was in vacation, where the Bargaining Committee successfully reduced the eligibility of 4 weeks’ vacation after 5 years of service from the previous 7 years. Further, they successfully lowered 5 weeks after 13 years of service and 6 weeks after 18 years; and added a 7th week of vacation after 25 years.

“All in all, the local gained some very important enhancements which should benefit them over the course of the collective agreement,” said Al Cyr, Business Representative at IAM District 250. “We feel the pension enhancement of 1% through the life of the contract was important and something we can build on in succeeding contracts.”

The other major gain the committee was able to achieve was receiving overtime pay at double-time rates. Business Representative Al Cyr and Jay Garneau would like to thank the bargaining committee members, Jamie Hogarth, Chris Mcgraa, John Freeman and Kevin Pedersen for their valuable input and commitment during this process.

For more information:
Al Cyr
Business Representative, IAM District 250