Notes from the ANTI-UNION CAMPAIGN workshop – by Arizona Sieben

The anti-union campaign and how to fight back was one of the workshops in the IAM Unity and Growth Conference in San Diego. A union buster is a professional persuader; in other words, a liar. They will tell lies, spread fear and try to divide the membership.

The best defence is a good offence. To bust a union-buster you need to build an internal team, educate and inoculate, expose them, be funny and original, and take advantage of friends and allies.


Most people believe in the purpose on unions but some have many hesitations including: corruption, value for dues, workplace tension, lack of meritocracy, protecting poor performers, rigidity, conformity. While some are true in certain cases, many of the misconceptions are spread by anti-union forces.

The IAM can communicate the value of membership by: promoting unseen benefits, promoting our wins, and promoting job security in all aspects.


Begin by understanding organizing is incredibly hard. And it is important to have enough of the right organizers in an organizing camping. Diversity is important because the workers we try to organise should see themselves.

By Arizona Sieben
IAM Local 2711